CAD Exchanger SDK

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  • Make sure your system meets system requirements (see Release Notes).
  • Download and uncompress SDK archive into some directory (${install_dir}), e.g. C:/dev/cadexchanger/3.3.
  • Substitute the ${install_dir}/examples/cadex_license.cxx file with the one that you received for your evaluation process. When you become a customer you will substitute it with a commercial license key.
  • Select any example (see Examples) that most closely matches your target use case. If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio then open a respective project file.
  • Add paths to the include and library directories (${install_dir}/inc, ${install_dir}/${platform}/${compiler}/lib) in Visual Studio (or any other IDE of your choice) or to your build environment.

The following screenshots demonstrate how to set environment in Visual Studio:

Setting include and .lib directories in Visual Studio
Setting .dll directory in Visual Studio

In Visual Studio you may have to do this for every project, so an alternative way could be to set the environment variables INCLUDE, LIB and PATH in a .bat file. This file would set these variables and launch Visual Studio. In this case any project would inherit these settings.

Pay attention that you need to set respective directories depending on your target architecture (x86 or x64), compiler (e.g. vc12 or vc14), and mode (release or debug). For debug mode library directories have a 'd' suffix (libd and bind).