CAD Exchanger SDK
Porting from CAD Exchanger 2.5.x to 3.x

What's New in Version 3.0

CAD Exchanger SDK 3.0 provided significantly refactored and streamlined API in order to enable easier integration into customer applications, to provide even more powerful and efficient data access, and to enable efficient creation of 3D models in customer applications that need to export CAD data to downstream applications.

Major new features in version 3.0 include:

  • New versatile data model which supports assembly hierarchies, part representations, visual appearance styles (incl. colors and materials), layers, properties and other meta-data;
  • Support of B-Rep representation, including API for detailed exploration of topological and geometrical entities;
  • Support of the latest available supported format versions (incl. ACIS, Parasolid) or still broadly used (JT 8.x);
  • Reworked support of assemblies in order to preserve sharing of nested components (sub-assemblies and parts);
  • Multiple enhancements in particular geometrical configurations processing;
  • Significant performance improvements due to more intensive use of parallel multi-threaded computations (incl. two patent-pending algorithms);
  • Streamlined and simplified API allowing to write even less code in customer applications in order to integrate CAD Exchanger SDK;
  • New examples, significantly expanded documentation and many more.

For more details on modifications introduced into CAD Exchanger 3.0 and further versions 3.x refer to the CHANGES.txt file.

This page provides key guidelines on porting your application from CAD Exchanger 2.5.x to 3.x.

General Recommendations

  • Consult respective example (see List of Examples) that you might derive from in the past and adjust your code accordingly.
  • Replace Base_ShapeModel, Base_MeshModel and/or BaseXDE_DocModel with ModelData_Model if you used them primarly as a black box encapsulating the data.
  • When exporting to mesh formats (e.g. STL, VRML, X3D) explicit meshing (formerly done with Base_ShapeMesher) is no longer required. Mesh generation will automatically be done by CAD Exchanger itself on the fly.
  • The number of global parameters previously set via Base_Settings has been reduced. Format-specific parameters are now passed via format-specific parameter classes (e.g. IGES_ReaderParameters, ACIS_WriterParameters, etc).
  • The list of redistributable libraries has been reduced. For a new list refer to Redistributables.

Mesher-specific recommendations