CAD Exchanger SDK
Mesh Generation

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CAD Exchanger SDK can be used to generate meshes from B-Rep representations, either retrieved from imported files (e.g. from IGES, STEP, ACIS, Parasolid) or from B-Rep primitives created directly inside a user's application.

CAD Exchanger supports the so called visualization mesher as well as computational meshers. The former generates meshes that can be primarily used for visualization and simple computing purposes (e.g. bounding boxes, approximated surface area computing, collision detection, etc). The latter generate high quality meshes that can be used in various FEA (Finite-Element Analysis) computations.

The following picture shows three different meshes generated from the same B-Rep model (impeller):

Visual mesh
Mefisto-generated mesh
Netgen-generated mesh

CAD Exchanger can also generate 3D (volumic) meshes. However they can only be saved into specific target mesh formats, and not inside CAD Exchanger's data model.

CAD Exchanger itself intensively uses visualization mesher when creating polygonal representations from B-Rep, or when exporting to mesh formats (such as STL, VRML or X3D).

For more details on meshing refer to Meshing.


Refer to Meshing Example.