CAD Exchanger GUI 3.0 is out!

CAD Exchanger v3.0 is shaped together with people, who face the problems of interoperability on a daily basis. Our team is thankful to all the users who contributed in our product development, we considered all your desires and are proud to announce the result.



We cleaned up the working space and left the most important elements. Now all the additional features are behind the intuitive interface maximizing the screen real estate and focus on your primary objectives.


CAD Software interface



Product Structure Navigation

Advanced product structure navigation gives you an opportunity to show or hide separate parts and assemblies and get instant access to the measurement information in a few clicks.




Flexible View Capabilities

Depending on your goals you can choose the exact geometry or polygonal representations. You are also able to view in wireframe, shading modes or combo of the above.




With the innovated CAD Exchanger you can explore internal details and component layout of the models via clipping option, which allows to cut the model in several dimensions and choose the sectioning plane position.





Measurement Information

You can build a bounding box of a part, an assembly or a whole model in a couple of clicks. With the visual evaluation of the occupied space you’ll also receive accurate info including dimensions (in mm), min and max corner.


Bounding Box




CAD Exchanger 3.0 introduces several innovative methods including patent-pending parallel computational algorithms. Some complex procedures including asynchronous I/O, B-spline surface approximation were sped up by 15x.





We understand the needs of our clients to work in multi-platform environments, therefore we broaden support to different platforms including Windows, Linux and Android, allowing to avoid virtualization.