Applications powered by CAD Exchanger SDK

We proudly mention some applications developed by our customers with the help of CAD Exchanger. If you are our customer and open to add your application please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Virtual Product Simulator

VPS is packaged software that uses a 3D model data created in CAD to provide cohesive support for production-preparation tasks and processes, including product reviews in assembly production planning, process reviews when assembling products, studies of production line layouts, and document creation for use in manufacturing.


FORAN is a system used in the design and construction of vessels and marine structures, developed by SENER with 50 years and currently licensed at more than 150 shipyards and design offices in 40 countries.


Galorath approached the CADEX team to discuss the possibility of developing an application that would collect the required application data directly from 3D models and feed this into the SEER-MFG ‘cost model’ engine. This laid down a foundation for SEER-3D, a highly interactive graphical application that automates user’s actions and increases their productivity and accuracy.

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Altium Designer

Altium Designer is an electronic design automation software package for printed circuit board, FPGA and embedded software design, and associated library and release management automation.

TRIDENT ShipExplorer

TRIDENT ShipExplorer is a family of applications for naval engineers, designed by Uljanik Gruppa, which is one of the oldest active shipyard in the EU. The product allows to design, visualize, measure and analyze complex 3D CAD data.

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Simlabs Composer

Unified application combining all the tools needed by engineers and architects to create top quality visualization and sharing, and to provide it in the direct language they understand.

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vectorcam provides everything you need for fast and comfortable CNC programming. vectorcam supports the machining types of milling, drilling, turning, laser, wire EDM, cutting, etc. up to 5-axis.

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cadwork is the market leader in software solutions and CAD / CAM 3D for wood construction, framing and carpentry.

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CFturbo is a modern, powerful software for interactive design of turbomachinery. It is easy to use and enables the designer to either start from scratch or redesign existing geometries.

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The Cooled Turbine Airfoil Agile Design System (CTAADS)

The product provides a systematic and rapid 3D modeling approach to cooling-system design for cooled axial turbine vanes and blades. The system includes many special features that can significantly reduce the total time and cost to generate airfoil cooling-passage geometry and perform a complete 3D thermal analysis.


Used for detailed 3D geometric design and for rapid flow analysis of multistaged axial and radial turbomachinery through streamline curvature. AxCent employs powerful features for axial, mixed-flow, and radial geometries that can be combined to design almost any turbomachinery.


SHIPFLOW Design is the perfect graphical user interface for the users focusing on CFD for ships. It is a subset of SHIPFLOW CAESES with all essential features for convenient pre- processing, execution of flow solvers and pre-processing. In addition to a conventional GUI it enables the users to manage all their computations in a single project and to carry out parameter studies such as a range of speeds, drafts, appendages, wave height and wave length of incoming waves.

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NCspeed is a software system for the simulation of 3- and 5-axis milling processes. The milling process is optimized with regard to machining time and process safety. Furthermore the checking of toolpath is possible.

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Advance BIM Designers

Collection of advanced apps for automating structural design-to-detail BIM workflows.


Powerful and easy features for CAD Importing or Drawing. MetaCAD supports multiple import formats and has its own 2D and 3D CAD engine which will allow you to quickly and easily draw your own parts.


Family of products aimed for flat-woven plus velvet, terry towel and 3D woven structures design.

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Accelerated Corrosion Expert Simulator

Simulation and modeling tool is used to predict the deterioration of wheeled vehicles over time due to General (Uniform), Galvanic and Crevice corrosion.

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