CAD Exchanger SDK
Quick Introduction


CAD Exchanger Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of C++, C# and Java software libraries to create, explore, analyze and convert 3D models across various CAD formats.

The SDK is used as an underlying engine by both CAD Exchanger Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Command Line Interface (CLI) components. CAD Exchanger SDK can also be used by software vendors to integrate into their custom applications to support CAD format(s) of interest.

CAD Exchanger Products

Usage Domains

CAD Exchanger SDK can be integrated into applications in a broad range of industrial domains, including aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive, energy, CNC machines, software engineering and many others typically covered by CAD/CAM/CAE software.

Refer to selected customer applications and success stories for a list of various CAD Exchanger customer case studies.

Usage Scenarios

CAD Exchanger SDK can be integrated into customer applications to:

  • import 3D models from external sources and visualize them in customer applications;
  • explore contents of 3D models and analyze numerical properties (coordinates, distances, lengths, surface areas, volumes, etc);
  • create 3D models from scratch using various solid and surface modeling techniques;
  • generate high quality surface and solid meshes and export to specific mesh formats;
  • export 3D models to various target formats.