CAD Exchanger SDK
3D Visualization

CAD Exchanger SDK can be used to visualize 3D models (imported from external files or created from scratch). Visualization can be implemented in two ways:

  • inside a user's application using external visualization solutions (from using plain OpenGL API up to high-level visualization libraries such as OpenSceneGraph);
  • using CAD Exchanger SDK API that enables connection with OpenGL.

Visualization Using External Libraries

To display a 3D model inside a user's application it needs to be represented in the form of polygons (typically triangles) which are then fed into the visualization library. If the model already contains polygonal representation then its triangles (or polylines or points) can be directly retrieved. If the model contains B-Rep representation then a polygonal representation needs to be generated using available meshers. Refer to Exploring 3D Models for more details on exploring 3D models and polygonal representations in particular.

Visualization Using CAD Exchanger API

At this moment CAD Exchanger SDK allows to create a 3D viewer, to visualize and to manipulate a 3D model (zoom, pan, rotate) with the help of Qt library. Refer to CAD Exchanger Viewer Example for a sample implementation.