Command Line Interface

Light-weight server-based solution for massive batch conversions of CAD data in corporate or cloud environment.

Easy-to-use utility for service providers – in VR/AR, 3D printing and other manufacturing.

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Key Features

Import / export 3D CAD

  • Read and write all key industry 3D formats
  • Assemblies and parts
  • Precise geometry (B-Rep) and meshes
  • Meta-data: names, id’s and user-defined properties
  • Colors, materials and textures

Run on Windows, Linux, MacOS

  • Deploy on any server OS in your environment
  • Enable batch file processing, on-demand or schedule-driven
  • Concurrent access by multiple users
  • Fixed to a particular server or floating withing a network

Screenshot generation

  • User-defined resolutions: from thumbnails to Full HD
  • Various display modes (shading vs wireframe)
  • User-defined camera position (axonometric, top, front, left, etc
  • PNG, BMP, or JPEG output

Flexible settings

  • Detailed .ini-format setting file
  • Shareable between multiple users for consistent results

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Simple syntax:

ExchangerConv -i pump.stp -e pump.jt

Refer to User's Guide for more details.

Why Software Vendors Choose CAD Exchanger CLI


Confidently import 3D data created in multiple applications. CAD Exchanger applies automatic healing algorithms to process poor data from various sources and to export to downstream applications.


Rapidly process large heavy-weight 3D models. CAD Exchanger leverages modern multi-core technologies via patented parallel computation algorithms.

Ease of use

CLI automates conversion routines without deep diving into the code. Simply define the import and export paths. CAD Exchanger will take care of the rest.

Cost effectiveness

CLI requires minimum development efforts to set up and allows to reduce costs on 3rd party software due to independence from expensive CAD licenses.

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