B-Rep and polygonal geometry simplification to get lighter 3D models and protect IP

From mesh decimation to B-Rep feature removal, and NURBS surface recognition. Reduce geometry complexity to work with lighter 3D models faster.


Reducing polygon count

Removing invisible elements

IP (Intellectual Property) protection

Shrink wrapping


Removing small and invisible elements

CAE simulation


Analytical vs NURBS geometry

Key Features

B-Rep simplification

B-Rep simplification

  • Invisible elements removal
  • Small body removal
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Defeaturing: holes, fillets, chamfers and others
NURBS geometry simplification

NURBS geometry simplification

  • NURBS degree reduction
  • NURBS-to-elementary curves and surfaces recognition
Mesh decimation

Mesh decimation

  • Up to 99% mesh size reduction
  • Preserves attributes (normals, colors, UV coordinates)
  • User-controlled process: Target polygon count vs deflection

Develop Faster

Easy to integrate with CAD Exchanger SDK.

ModelData_Model aModel;

... // import from the file

// Set up mesh simplifier
ModelSimplifier_MeshSimplifierParameters aParams;
aParams.SetDegreeOfSimplification (ModelSimplifier_MeshSimplifierParameters::High);

// Running the simplifier
ModelSimplifier_MeshSimplifier aSimplifier;
aSimplifier.SetParameters (aParams);
ModelData_Model aNewModel = aSimplifier.Perform (aModel);

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Frequently Asked Questions

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