Visualization Toolkit

Work with 3D graphics in your favorite programming language.

Build highly interactive 3D apps on top of OpenGL or DirectX, in C#/WPF, Qt/QML, Java or other platform of choice. Interactive selection and hovering, sectioning, and assembly exploding.

Cloud API

Online API to read and write 3D CAD data in browser-based applications

REST API to convert files in all CAD formats. Secure storage in Microsoft Azure. No infrastructure to manage. Enjoy pay-as-go licensing model. Read more.

Advanced Geometry Processing

B-Rep and polygonal geometry simplification to get lighter 3D models

From mesh decimation to B-Rep feature removal, and NURBS surface recognition. Reduce geometry complexity to work with lighter 3D models faster.

Manufacturing Toolkit

Automate cost estimations and other manufacturing workflows

Accept any CAD format your users might prefer and generate accurate cost estimations in seconds. Support additive manufacturing, machining, sheet metal and other processes. Identify non-manufacturable areas and notify your users. Compute billet volumes, wall thicknesses and support elements for 3D printing, identify sharp edges and work with PMI right from 3D model.

Advanced Meshers

Build quality 2D/3D meshes for your CAE simulations

Generate high-quality surface and volume meshes from your B-Rep models. Triangles, quadrangles and higher order elements. Customizable settings to get the mesh meeting your specific requirements. Save in various CAE formats to work with your preferred FEA solvers.