RUHRSOURCE case study

CAD software development will have a special place in the blog. We hope that the contents will be helpful for both beginners and experienced developers. Common recommendations on usage of CAD Exchanger SDK will be published in the upcoming posts and now let me share a case study, describing usage of CAD Exchanger SDK in 3D printing.

Additive technologies are no longer surprising. Folks are using 3D printers not only to make simple households or toys, but also to produce complex mechanical systems. When it comes to printing stand for pens you are totally good with the plus/minus 2 millimeters accuracy, however with increasing complexity of the product the requirements are growing also. Compound geometries in such products take a lot of time to optimize and prepare for production.

To reduce the design-to-manufacturing time German startup RUHRSOURC developed CUR3D application, which literally ‘cures’ the 3D model and makes it printable within minutes instead of hours. It minimizes design issues, helps to optimize production costs and thus allows designers and engineers to focus on modeling, instead of manual tuning of 3D models.

To enable compatibility with all major CAD systems like SolidWorks, CATIA or Inventor via STEP and IGES file formats, RUHRSOURCE chose CAD Exchanger SDK. Recently we prepared a case study, where the detailed description of the project is published.