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View, explore and convert 3D CAD data on desktop, web and mobile

Applications for end-users. SDK's and tools for software developers. Custom development services for businesses.

Import/export 3D files

Read and write Solidworks, STEP, JT, STL and 30 other 3D formats.


Access assemblies and parts, precise B-Reps and polygonal meshes, meta-data and PMI.


Use sectioning, explode views and multiple display modes.

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For end-users

Collaborate with your customers, suppliers and peers in multi-CAD environment.

CAD Exchanger GUI

View, analyze and convert 3D data on desktop

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CAD Exchanger Cloud

Securely view, share, and communicate through the browser

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For software developers

Develop 3D applications for desktop, web and mobile.

CAD Exchanger SDK, Web Toolkit and CLI

Software libraries for C#, C++, Java, Javascript and Python

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Industry Use Cases

Design solutions for AR/VR, engineering simulations, on-demand manufacturing and more.

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Custom software development

Entrust development of your complex 3D app to the team of professionals.
We build bespoke software from specific algorithms to turn-key applications that meet your requirements.
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Why CAD Exchanger?


Automatic algorithms to heal poor data and patented parallel computation technology to ensure supreme performance.

Ease of use

Clear intuitive UI for end-users and logically structured API with comprehensive documentation for software developers.


Perpetual and subscription licensing for both software developers and end-users. Convenient for both startups and enterprise customers.

Trusted by industry leaders and startups from 110+ countries

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