View, Convert and Analyze CAD, BIM and 3D data

Load and convert models on Windows, Mac and Linux without having to deal with expensive CAD systems.

Work with CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, Creo, STEP, JT, IFC and many more formats.

Perfect for Your 3D Data Workflow

Connect different software

Connect different software

Exchange data between incompatible 3D and CAD software. Get a productivity boost with fast and accurate conversions.

Design review

Design review

Study designs made in any major CAD package: explore structure and properties, sectioned and exploded views.

Model inspection

Model inspection

Inspect models' dimensions and mass properties, perform measurements to compare against manufactured samples.

CAD data preparation

CAD data preparation

Convert models to standard formats, generate fine-tuned meshes from CAD geometry for downstream applications.

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Access to new versions during subscription


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Further access to new versions for an extra charge (optional)

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