Software Libraries to Read, Write and Visualize 3D CAD files

Quickly and easily enrich your web, server or desktop app with access to CAD and BIM data.

Work with CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, Creo, STEP, JT, IFC and many more formats from C++, Python, C#, Java and JavaScript.

Suitable for any 3D powered application

3D web applications

3D web applications

Ingest, convert and process CAD/BIM data on the backend. Use lightweight and interactive visualization on the frontend.

AR, VR and Unity applications

AR, VR and Unity applications

Set up 3D data conversion pipelines with tunable mesh generation and optimization to deliver immersive experiences.

Manufacturing as a Service platforms

Manufacturing as a Service platforms

Enable seamless part import, accurate cost estimations and instant DFM feedback for sheet metal, CNC machining, etc.

Engineering applications

Engineering applications

Get full access to the structure, geometry and metadata in CAD and BIM models. Save time by using robust advanced processing functions.

All your CAD and 3D data needs, covered

Customizable to fit your needs

Pick components to deliver the most value to your users

Get started with everything you need for a fully‑featured 3D application

Top it off with optional components for maximum productivity



Proprietary and open standards



Desktop and web 3D viewers & tools

advanced processing

Advanced processing

Meshing, simplification, NURBS recognition



Game engines, CAD kernels



Data model, shape healing, basic modeling

Designed by developers, for developers

using namespace cadex;
    ModelData_Model aModel; // format-neutral document
    STEP_Reader aReader;
    aReader.ReadFile ("bolt.stp");
    aReader.Transfer (aModel);
    STL_Writer aWriter;
    aWriter.Transfer (aModel);
    aWriter.WriteFile ("bolt.stl");

Utilize SDK's capabilities on desktop, mobile and in the cloud. Directly embed into C++, C#, Java, Python and Javascript apps, or run in a separate process from any other language.


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