3D visualization software: 4 examples built with CAD Exchanger SDK

Learn about several 3D visualization apps for virtual tours, design animation, and BIM collaboration.

Maria Gazarkh
Maria Gazarkh
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Today 3D visualization software enhances collaboration on industrial sites, boosts sales, accelerates the release of high-tech products. Diversity of these use cases leads to a necessity to combine dozens of data formats and process massive 3D models.

CAD Exchanger SDK was conceived as a response to this need. Let’s have a closer look at 4 3D visualization apps built to support CAD formats, full data integrity, and high processing speed.

MySurvey by Quadrica

In 2015 Quadrica developed MySurvey tool to create virtual tours of industrial sites. MySurvey combines various data, including the point cloud, 3D models, 2D drawings, annotations and PMI, photos, etc. It allows users not only to explore the infrastructure, but to measure it, control the construction progress, and share data.

One of Quadrica’s goals was to integrate 3D models of the equipment, which come in STEP format. CAD Exchanger SDK was able to meet this challenge with its fast and accurate STEP importer. Get up close with MySurvey in this story.

ShipExplorer by Uljanik

ShipExplorer by Uljanik
ShipExplorer by Uljanik

Uljanik Group is a shipbuilding company established in 1856 in Croatia. Its flagship software ShipExplorer is used to visualize designs, perform engineering calculations, and interact with CNC machines.

Robust 3D models exchange is incredibly important as poor data may create challenges in the production workflows. CAD Exchanger SDK integration guarantees surefire STEP / IGES import and export. Thanks to automated data healing, the surfaces are being stitched and gaps are tightened. Face, edge, and vertex data are exported to the downstream app without geometrical inaccuracies. Here are some examples of the ShipExplorer interface.

3D BIM visualization by Zea

Zea provides a browser-based application for collaboration on BIM models. It covers up the demand of construction professionals for access to information regardless of location.

Given the huge data volume of BIM models, there were two main issues to consider: the lower capacity of mobile devices and slow Internet connection on sites. To best tackle these challenges, it was decided to feed parametric surface definitions directly to GPU and to elaborate the compression algorithm. See more details on Zea project here.

Simlab Composer by Simlab Soft

Simlab Composer is a 3D visualization solution of various purposes: from engineering and manufacturing to marketing and education. Its features include but are not limited to, VR, 3D PDF, 360 images, scene building, animation.

The key challenge was to ensure seamless transfer for CAD users. With the help of CAD Exchanger SDK and its importer of 20+ formats, Simlab Soft managed to enhance import performance and keep a low memory footprint. For the full story of Simlab Composer, visit this page.

Visualizing 3D models via CAD Exchanger SDK is possible thanks to several technical features:

  1. Set of libraries capable of reading and writing plenty of CAD formats
  2. Mesh generation from a precise B-Rep geometry
  3. Support of multiple LODs (Level of Details)
  4. Support of visual attributes (colors, materials, textures, line styles)
  5. Interactive manipulations (selection, exploded views, sectioning, etc.)
  6. Cross-platform implementation: WebGL/three.js, Qt/Quick, C#/WPF and more

If you need to display 3D models in your apps, contact us by info@cadexchanger.com.

Maria Gazarkh
Maria Gazarkh
Content Manager

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