CAD Exchanger is a technology that enables data exchange in the multi-CAD world.

From startups to Fortune100 companies our products are used to view, convert and collaborate on 3D CAD data.

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GUI end-users

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SDK enabled end-users

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CAD Exchanger CEO Roman Lygin

If data is the new oil then 3D data is the key asset of any company.

Our technologies help software developers and end-users to work, share and collaborate on 3D data, which can come in any format, from any source, on any platform.

CADEX was founded in 2014 by Roman Lygin, a veteran with 20+ years of experience in CAD data exchange, parallel computations and project management in EADS Matra Datavision, Open CASCADE and Intel. However, the roots go five years back when CAD Exchanger started as Roman’s hobby project and gained great traction by users who were still facing CAD data conversion challenges.

Today CAD Exchanger solutions empower hundreds of thousands of end-user seats through software vendors.

With the help of our solutions, large businesses improve their returns on investments and can focus on their core R&D. Start-ups and medium businesses now have access to CAD technologies they previously could not even afford. We challenge the status quo established 20 years ago and help businesses around the world to work with 3D data.

CAD Exchanger office

Our story is one of steady growth thanks to dedication, hard work and passion to solve really complex problems. We started as a self-funded startup and have kept its spirit of focus and execution.

Today we are the team of 55+ employees with strong backgrounds in mathematics, computer science, engineering, marketing, graphical design and many other areas able to confidently address challenges in CAD.

We are proud to have customers from Fortune-100 companies and feel honored to contribute to today’s leaders’ projects: Volvo in automotive industry, Apple in consumer electronics, NASA in space exploration, Amazon in delivery business and many others.

Our Customers

Built on top of solid partnerships

We fight for performance. We hold two patents in parallel computations. Intel Parallel Studio helps us achieve the best performance.
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We use Microsoft Azure to host CAD Exchanger Cloud. The Microsoft team helped us to jump start in that effort.
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Dassault Systemes
Every second user of CAD is designing in SolidWorks and we are proud to be part of the developer community.

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