CAD Exchanger 3.1.1 is available

In the new 3.1.1 version we restored support of screenshot generation function, expanded validation properties support, added zoom-to-area button, improved performance and fixed several bugs.

Ramil Gasanov
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Enhanced viewing capabilities

The primary goal of the CAD Exchanger is tied with the CAD data conversion and aimed at addressing CAD data interoperability challenges. However many our users regularly mention that they find our application attractive for viewing CAD data. In version 3.1.1 we introduced additional useful capabilities to improve user experience. With the Fit-to-Area button you can now zoom-in a pre-selected area to explore your 3D model in more details. Added smooth fit (applied in Fit All, Fit-to-Area and standard views operations) allows to gradually zoom in/out the model what is especially helpful when working with larger assemblies to better understand their contents.

zoom-to-area button

validation properties

Validation properties

The naked 3D model itself brings little sense for the future production. The additional value is hidden in the accompanying information. CAD Exchanger allows to show this additional info: dimensions (or bounding box), volume, surface area etc. In the recent release we improved the visual perception of the option and added some new properties. To activate this feature, check the “Measurement information” button in the model explorer tab. This is the first step towards future improvements in this field.

Screenshot saving

We restored support of the screenshot generation since the demand was significant and we could not ignore it. The recent improvement will allow to Export current view of the model into the mail-friendly PNG, JPG as well as BMP formats so you can easily share it with your clients, suppliers or colleagues.

screenshot saving

Bug fixes and enhancements

Traditionally each new release includes various enhancements and bug corrections. Version 3.1.1 features improvements in ACIS, Parasolid, JT and OBJ formats. Refer to CHANGES.txt for particular details.

Ramil Gasanov

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