CAD Exchanger 3.1 is available

The new version 3.1 includes new features like support of Wavefront OBJ format, support of ACIS SAB format, computational meshers integration in GUI and significant performance enhancements.

Ramil Gasanov
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Wavefront .OBJ format import / export

We are happy to announce that CAD Exchanger now can import and export .OBJ format. It contains geometric representations in the form of polygonal meshes with associated visual attributes (materials or colors). The format is well known globally and common for the most of CAD and digital content creation systems. Despite the fact that OBJ is quite old it becomes popular again being well-suited for 3D printing.

If your 3D printer requests .OBJ files and you experience problems to obtain it, feel free to use CAD Exchanger.

OBJ file

ACIS SAB format import / export

We expanded the support of ACIS format by adding the ability to import .SAB files. SAB stands for Standard ACIS Binary (or sometimes Save As Binary) and can be used as alternative to SAT (Save As Text) for accuracy and compactness reasons.

We also added support of multiple entity types generated by Autodesk Shape Manager (ASM) which are outside of standard ACIS type list. Along with SAB support , this enables software vendors to integrate CAD Exchanger SDK into DXF/DWG readers to retrieve embedded 3D solids.

Version 3.1 also introduces significant performance improvements and in ACIS import/export by optimizing parsing and formatting phases. These are especially noticeable when working with larger files (e.g. at the order of dozens or hundreds of megabytes).

ACIS file

Computational Meshes

With the 3.1 release we restored access to computational meshers as well as enabled selection of the polygonal mesh representation for the parts. The latter allows to select a desired representation for display and for export to a mesh format (STL, VRML, X3D, OBJ). Computational meshers allow to generate high-quality meshes suitable for finite-element analysis.

3D Mesh

3D Mesh model

Ramil Gasanov

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