CAD Exchanger Cloud Now Supports SOLIDWORKS!

Import of the most demanded 3D CAD file format, measurements support and other improvements

Ramil Gasanov
Ramil Gasanov
2 min read

It has been 6 months since the first public release of CAD Excahgner Cloud. We’ve already collected lots of your positive feedback, introduced convenient sharing and annotating, implemented engineering analysis tools, added textures support, developed embedded 3D viewer. It’s an exciting journey and we are glad to deliver more features that should hopefully continue to delight you.

This time we created something truly special: SolidWorks Support, Measurements, Feedback mechanism, and Context menu improvements.

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SolidWorks Import

Native format of Dassault’s leading CAD system is one of the most widely adopted CAD file format on the market. There is statistics that approximately every 4th engineer worldwide uses SolidWorks on a daily basis. You just can’t ignore this format in your workflow and must be able to import it anytime. Thanks to CAD Exchanger Cloud, now you can import it and not only view and comment, but export in CAD format, suitable with your own CAD system and re-use the data.


What would CAD software be without ability to measure your design? In the initial version we added possibility to perform linear vertex-to-vertex measurements. In the future we plan to increase the scope of supported operations by adding various types of measurements: linear (edge-to-edge and face-to-face) measurements, radial, angular and others to match what you can already use in CAD Exchanger GUI on desktop.

Feedback and bug diagnostics

“Nobody’s perfect”. Even the best software products are not error-free. The only question is whether we are ready to take actions on them or not. We are. And we will be happy if you could advise us what to fix/add/improve in future versions. To facilitate that we added a simple feedback mechanism which you can use to immediately share your opinion with us. You are welcome!


Step by step we increase supported size of the files. This time we make it twice bigger. Now you are able to upload files up to 100 MB.

Also, we extended options of context menu (right click on 3D view). We added ability to either hide selected object in 3D or isolate it on the scene.

Traditionally, major part of work done is left behind the scene and might be unnoticeable at a first glance. We constantly improve our back-end to enhance quality and boost performance. In the other words, we do everything it takes to ensure your perfect experience with CAD Exchanger Cloud.

Stay tuned for further updates! And meanwhile give a try to the current version and let us know your thoughts.

Ramil Gasanov
Ramil Gasanov
Head of marketing

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