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FBX, Textures Support In CAD Exchanger Cloud

We are eager to tell you that we have renovated our CAD Exchanger Cloud adding to it a few brand new features.

Alexandra Pavlovich
Alexandra Pavlovich
1 min read

We are eager to tell you that we have renovated our CAD Exchanger Cloud adding to it a few brand new features. Now, let’s cut it right to the chase and see what they are.

FBX support

We have reduced the gap between CAD and VR systems, now that CAD Exchanger Cloud has FBX support. The problem was that Unity game engine, which is standard for creation AR/VR applications, works with meshes and doesn’t support B-rep. Adoption of FBX enabled conversion between CAD files and more-about-visualization FBX which ranks among the most Unity-friendly file formats.

Now one can easily upload an FBX file or convert a CAD file and download an FBX in a click. To do so proceed to the 3D viewer, click on the cloud-shape export icon which is located on the toolbar. Choose ‘convert and download’, then ‘FBX’. Press ‘convert’ and voilà! the FBX file is right in your downloads. To see the details watch this 7-second video.

Textures support

Providing FBX export inspired us to add textures support which is essential when working with visualization formats. Besides FBX, textures are present in the following supported formats: JT, OBJ, Rhino and VRML. Now one can upload a zip archive with textures straight into the Cloud to see the visual properties of a 3D model.

Sometimes users can experience problems with display of textures. Such errors might be connected with incorrect naming. CAD Exchanger team has worked this problem and introduced a smart algorithm enable to automatically apply textures to the 3D file in case there is no appropriate naming. As CAD Exchanger Cloud can read files within incorrectly structured zip archive, one can quit stressing about such nuisances. All that is needed is to upload the archive, and CAD Exchanger will work this out by itself.

Textures support
Textures support


We are thankful for your concern about the product. Due to your reports on problematic files, we are improving our product so that it can better suit your needs.

That’s it for now. And have a nice day!

Alexandra Pavlovich
Alexandra Pavlovich

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