Increased File Size, Model's Properties And Updated Rotation

Quick overview of improvements and new features of CAD Exchanger Cloud.

Ramil Gasanov
Ramil Gasanov
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Moving product to web allows to develop faster, deliver new features faster and in more accurate manner. We attend to leverage all advantages of cloud distribution and regularly update CAD Exchanger.

This time we enlarged the size of the supported files, added model properties, support of colors and materials for OBJ files and external references for other file formats, updated rotation and fixed bugs.

Display of model’s Properties

In this release we added display of the model’s properties. Now you can view the properties of the selected element. For this just click on the appropriate icon on the toolbar. The properties panel will appear on the right. We separated properties on the following sections: “General”, “Appearance”, “Bounding Box”, “Validation” and “Custom”. Each of the section contains the information regarding the selected element.

Increased file size

Until this day the maximum size of uploaded file was restricted to 30 MB. This limitation ensured that your files would be processed correctly in the cloud environment. This update delivers enhancements of core algorithms that allowed to safely increase maximum file support to 50 MB. We optimized number of underlying uploading and processing operations thus significantly reducing both conversion time and required internet traffic.

Rotation mode update

Early users of CAD Exchanger Cloud noticed that rotation mode differs from our desktop application. The motion was defined by X Y and Z axis. While being convenient in terms of predictability of the rotation, the mode created limitations. There were a number of corner cases where certain 3D models (mostly with incorrect orientations) could not be viewed properly. This created confusion, so we accepted the feedback and aligned rotation mode with our desktop GUI and other CAD software.

Support of external files

.mtl for OBJ and other cases

Often with the 3D files people import accompanying files, e.g. mtl files for OBJ format, or external files in JT format. STEP file format may contain external references as well.

To add external file please create .zip archive and name it similar to the main 3D file. Then just add the main file and accompanying files to the archive and upload it to the Cloud. During the upload CAD Exchanger Cloud will automatically recognize additional files and attach it to the right 3D model.

Bug fixes and minor improvements

There is no limit to the perfection. With the help of our users we will always find a way to make things better: add improvements or fix known issues. If you have something to say, please drop us a line at

Ramil Gasanov
Ramil Gasanov
Head of marketing

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