New Year Release Of CAD Exchanger Cloud

This blog post is dedicated to the last release of 2018. It includes mobile devices support, sectioning algorithm update and introduction of angular measurements.

Ramil Gasanov
Ramil Gasanov
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New Year is soon, which means that it’s time to please you with the last version update of 2018. This year was very challenging for our team. After long and enduring testing our web application has been released to a production preview and became available to a wide audience, however it’s too early to pop a champagne and celebrate, as there is a lot of work ahead. Below are few topics that we have implemented during the last few weeks.

Sectioning update

Our core values remain unchanged: performance, quality and ease-of-use. To the latter one we dedicated improvement of the sectioning algorithm. To manage the sectioning plain you had to use sliders located in the sectioning control panel. It was kind of illogical, as one wants to control 3D related entities in the 3D space. Therefore, we updated the sectioning workflow and now you can easily drag sectioning plains right in the 3D view. The sectioning control panel still remains active and grants an opportunity to add or delete plains, reverse view and type exact values to gain precise section.

Angular measurements

Our initial goal was to align CAD Exchanger Cloud to CAD Exchanger GUI. By many means they are already aligned, but there are still some features to implement. Like angular measurements.

To do that, hit the compass icon and start selecting vertexes. Previously you could make only linear measurements by selecting two vertexes. Now, by selecting the third vertex you will receive an angular measurement. In the measurements panel on the right you will see the measurement card, which allows you to delete or update the vertexes, change units of measurements or delete the measurement. Below please find a brief video tutorial on that point.

Please note that measurements require selecting vertexes on the 3D design. You can’t build a measurement by selecting random points in the 3D view.

Mobile devices

It’s 21st century and according to researches every second connection to the Internet is done via mobile device. Therefore, it’s absolutely necessary to support mobile view.

Obviously, from day one we made our product flexible enough to support all screens and resolutions, but there is no limit to perfection and during the recent months we found the gaps that we could improve, so you can browse your files from mobile phone with maximum comfort.

To achieve that goal we improved mobile version of the dashboard, which is fully functional and allows to perform the very same operations as desktop version. In 3D view we updated toolbar, so you can conveniently use the whole toolset (sectioning, measurements and so on).


Technically advanced products are challenging and there is zero to little chance that they will be built ideally from the first time. Continuous development is inextricably linked with constant testing and bug fixing. This release is tied with lots of minor improvements and bug fixes reported by our users. Should you face any issues, please let us know. We will be happy to assist.

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Ramil Gasanov
Ramil Gasanov
Head of marketing

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