OMRON Chooses CAD Exchanger to Enrich Sysmac Studio 3D

Read our latest case study where CAD Exchanger SDK enables import of custom CAD components into OMRON Sysmac Studio - a tool to configure, program, simulate, and monitor the production environment.

Maria Gazarkh
Maria Gazarkh
1 min read

OMRON  Sysmac Studio 3D
OMRON Sysmac Studio 3D

What is OMRON Sysmac Studio?

OMRON is a huge Japanese manufacturer of industrial automation equipment: relays, switches, connectors, as well as complex solutions. Its Sysmac Studio software allows to design, vizualize and test virtual production lines.

Pere Llibre Turbr
Pere Llibre Turbr
Software Group Lead, OMRON
“Thanks to CAD Exchanger SDK, we can focus on our know-how and don't be concerned about format specificity. We know that adding every new format will take us just a few extra lines of code.”

What was the aim of CAD Exchanger SDK integration?

Sysmac Studio has a formidable library of 3D components which are used to build a virtual factory environment. But there is an inevitable need to import customized third-party elements. CAD Exchanger SDK provided a link between end-user's CAD models and the Sysmac Studio 3D scene.

Read the complete story on our Customers page.

Maria Gazarkh
Maria Gazarkh
Content Manager

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