Shared Folders And Quick Sneak Peek Into Next Release

Now you are able to share folders and assign different permissions levels.

Ramil Gasanov
Ramil Gasanov
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Shared folders and quick sneak peek into next release

Despite the fact that FIFA world championship is on it’s peak we are continuing to improve our CAD Exchanger Cloud. Today we have prepared a minor update, which makes folders even more convenient and useable. Here we are talking about folder sharing and enabling several permission levels.

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Shared Folders

We often hear the security concerns of our users and therefore we worked hard to make fine tuning of the access level easy yet powerful. Now, with the introduction of the folders the task of folder sharing raised naturally.

At this moment users can enable or disable downloading and uploading to and from the cloud folder, commenting and re-sharing of the files within the folder.

The permissions, applied to the folder will be also applied to all files saved in that folder. Wherein, the permissions at the file level will prevail the permissions, applied at the folder level.

In the other words, imagine that we have a folder shared with the user X, containing a variety of files. At the folder level we restricted the ability to download the files, so they will be available in the view only mode. Let’s say user X has asked us to allow download of the certain file (motor.sldasm) from the folder. To do that we can go to the certain file and through sharing mechanism of the file provide the user X with the opportunity to download the file. So, it would mean that form the variety of the files stored in the shared folder, only one will be available for the download and for user X only.

This feature could be useful for those, who seek the opportunity to showcase portfolio or results of the work and specifically allow the download of the certain files.

Bug fixes and a quick sneak peek into future release

We continue to fix, fix, fix the problems you kindly drew our attention to. This helped us to make CAD Exchanger Cloud reliable and bulletproof.

And a promised quick sneak. One size does not fit all. Whatever we introduce to our service, we won’t be able to satisfy specific needs of our users and therefore with the next release we will introduce technical preview of the CAD Exchanger Cloud API, which could be used to build your own engineering applications. Initial version will include the ability to download or upload the files (to and from CAD Exchanger Cloud) and convert them to all supported file formats. In addition to that there will be limited access to 3D viewer via the API, so you can view 3D files within your web-application with the help of CAD Exchanger Cloud.

Want the access to the API right now? Drop a line at and we will provide you with early access to it.

As always, we are thrilled to hear your thoughts.

Ramil Gasanov
Ramil Gasanov
Head of marketing

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