User-Defined Properties, Editable Visual Appearances And Perspective 3D View In CAD Exchanger 3.2.3

We are delighted to announce the new release of CAD Exchanger 3.2.3. The latest update includes display of user-defined properties, ability to edit names, colors and transparency of assemblies, parts and B-Rep sub-shapes, and enables the perspective 3D view and includes several minor tweaks and enhancements.

Ramil Gasanov
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User-defined properties

The beauty of modern design is richness of the accompanying meta-information which comes with a 3D model. CAD systems allow to assign multiple user-defined properties, which can bear various semantics, including part numbers, author details, design stages, manufacturing-specific details etc. Various systems may use this meta information as ‘fingerprints’ to recognize original writing system and to leverage this knowledge to apply special processing to 3D data. User-defined properties have been available in CAD Exchanger SDK for a long time and now this information is exposed in GUI in the Properties section under the ‘Custom’ sub-section.

In particular, JT format intensively uses meta-information, so users working with JT files will benefit most from this new feature.

Visual appearances

For better visual comprehension and navigation through 3D models (especially complex assemblies), designers tend to assign meaningful names, colors and other visual attributes.

With CAD Exchanger 3.2.3 users can now assign or edit names, colors and transparency of assemblies, parts or B-Rep sub-shapes. To do that just select the desired element from the product tree and navigate to the Appearance in the Properties section. There you can sign any color form the standard color dialogue.

This allows to make collaboration between team members even more efficient by quickly assigning attributed to elements of interest and exporting to downstream applications.

Perspective 3D view

Originally CAD Exchanger was created for visualization and conversion purposes. We wanted to provide engineers, architects and 3D designers with an easy way to share CAD data with their clients and partners. To help them share their works in additional flexible and powerful ways CAD Exchanger 3.2.3 adds a possibility to display 3D models in perspective view, in addition to isometric view.

Fixes and minor improvements

As always, we included several fixes in various converters: JT, ACIS, STEP, Parasolid, Rhino, VRML and X3D.

And one more thing. Mobile CAD continues to strengthen its positions. Recently we spotted growing interest in Android version of CAD Exchanger and couldn’t leave it without improvements. In addition to all enhancements in SDK which powers all platforms, updated Android GUI version will enable access to user-defined properties, visual appearances and other meta information. Feel free to give it a try by visiting Google Play.

As always, we welcome your feedback and happy to assist if you have any question on CAD Exchanger.

Ramil Gasanov

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