CFturbo allows to create volume meshes by using CAD Exchanger SDK in collaboration with Netgen mesher

CFturbo® GmbH is an engineering company offering CAE services and software development focusing on fluid dynamics and turbomachinery.

High-quality Computational Mesh


CFturbo is an elegant solution for companies that design and simulate turbomachinery systems. The software allows engineers to create brand new designs, optimize the existing ones and to communicate with popular CAE programs for further simulation processes.

Dr. Gero Kreuzfeld
Dr. Gero Kreuzfeld
Managing Director, CFTurbo
“CAD Exchanger team showed creativity and was quite ready to dig into the challenges including 3rd party code development in order to resolve upcoming problems.”

However, for smooth implementation of the interfaces to 3rd party CAE programs, support of specific formats for volume meshes was needed. Volume meshes would be a new kind of CFturbo export format, complementing the existing CAD and surface mesh interfaces.

3D Turbine Model


Netgen integration of CAD Exchanger SDK was expanded to enable volume mesh generation, boundary condition support and a broader set of target formats.
With the ability to create volume meshes directly from CFturbo software using CAD Exchanger SDK in collaboration with the Netgen mesher, the step from CFturbo to a CAE simulation was streamlined.
Expanding supported formats enabled communication with previously unattainable software. (Netgen, Abaqus, Fluent, OpenFOAM)

CAD Software interface


By dropping format restrictions and simplifying the communication with 3rd party programs (what is usually a headache for developers) CFturbo extended the possibilities of application usage. Now they can serve more businesses with more sophisticated requirements.
Delegating the feature integration to CAD Exchanger enabled CFturbo to switch to the business development and be relaxed about data interoperability challenges.


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