FORMTEC integrates CAD Exchanger SDK to validate milling toolpaths

FORMTEC GmbH designs NCspeed, software for CNC (Computer Numerical Control) which is particularly focused on 3- and 5-axis milling simulation. FORMTEC integrates NCspeed into leading CAM solutions, including Sescoi WorkNC, Solidworks, Mastercam and others.

Dr. Joachim Friedhoff
Dr. Joachim Friedhoff
General Manager, FORMTEC
“The best moment is that CAD Exchanger works in the background for importing geometries and converting to meshes. Simply: it works!”


To check correctness of the toolpaths generated by CAM systems, NCspeed simulates milling process. It calculates the final result by applying milling to the original blank and compares the result to the expected surface geometry. The ability to import geometries in different formats allows NCspeed users to provide their models in the most convenient format.


NCSpeed integrates CAD Exchanger SDK and in particular its importers for IGES and STEP formats which are widely used in CAM. NCspeed also uses CAD Exchanger mesher to compute surface tessellations which are used in simulation algorithms.


Integrating CAD Exchanger SDK, FORMTEC now enables end-users with broader options of supported formats and conducts a more reliable validation process.

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