How CAD Exchanger GUI is routinely used by the Stony Brook University of New York

Stony Brook University is a public university situated in Long Island, New York City. Being one of the most dynamic universities of America it is internationally recognized (it ranks among the top 1% of all universities in the world) and offers high-quality world-class education in many different spheres from accounting to space studies.


As the Radiology Department of the Stony Brook University routinely works with lead X-ray and Gamma-ray collimators, they also have to view their various designs. The collimators’ designs usually would come in different 3D file formats. The faculty members lacked a decent file viewer to open a variety of different formats fast and accurately.


The situation was tough. Viewing files of different formats on regular basis could cost an arm and a leg. Operating a whole bunch of various incompatible 3D file formats required one reliable solution able to view all major formats to provide integrality for the research processes.

The Radiology Department team decided to use CAD Exchanger and they got it right. CAD Exchanger enabled fast viewing and conversion of all formats needed. Moreover, it allowed saving ACIS (SAT) files as STEP files which was extremely convenient for the following submission to the 3D printing manufacturers.


As 3D CAD is a side part of the operations, the University had to find a budget way to deal with 3D. CAD Exchanger became a perfect fit for that. “No other software can do what CAD Exchanger does and it’s extremely user friendly. I highly recommend this software” - says Amir H. Goldan, Assistant Professor at Stony Brook University. With CAD Exchanger GUI all major processes connected with 3D files operating were simplified which allowed to focus more on research and let faculty members live with at least one less problem to worry about.


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