REX Controls chooses CAD Exchanger to broaden a set of supported 3D formats in its embedded systems

REX Controls is involved in the development of advanced control algorithms, supporting and diagnostic tools for embedded real time control of processes and machines as well as tools for rapid prototyping. REX Controls offers solutions for a variety of industries – from medical to nuclear energy.

Ondřej Severa
Ondřej Severa
Visualization Developer, REX Controls
“CAD Exchanger exactly meets our expectations. A list of supported input formats is wide thus there is the possibility to use various CAD applications as a source for visualization development.”


Data visualization is an integral part of most of the control systems designed by REX Controls. The development team uses Java3D library to visualize 3D models supplied in VRML and X3D formats. This obviously imposes limitations on the subcontractors who may prefer various CAD systems to design models.


To let their subcontractors supply data in the formats of their choice REX Controls has chosen CAD Exchanger GUI. This allows keeping data in the original formats (for instance, in STEP AP214) and conversion to the target formats (preferably X3D) as needed.


With adoption of CAD Exchanger, REX Controls provides greater flexibility to its subcontractors and suppliers and enables storing source models in the original formats.

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