ScotCad Textiles uses CAD Exchanger SDK to export 3D data in IGES and STEP to enable seamless communication with the downstream applications

ScotCad Textiles is a professional CAD software package aimed at large weaving organizations, working in the fields of automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical markets (and others).

The company's ethos is focused on giving Computer Aided Design back to the designer, to create designs quickly and easily.

Dave Kemp
Dave Kemp
Managing Director, ScotCad Textiles Ltd
“CAD Exchanger allows rapid output of data in standard data formats in a seamless manner, what significantly increases interoperability of ScotWeave applications.”

3D Model Fiber Fabric


ScotCad Textiles needs to supply CAD data in standard formats (IGES/STEP), so that clients can subsequently input it to FEA and other engineering applications.

The ScotWeave product suite allowed textile designers to model technical fabrics, though the models could only be saved in proprietary formats which limited usability of 3D models in downstream applications, e.g. for engineering analysis. To meet requests of their customers ScotCad needed a solution to export fabrics 3D models in standard CAD formats.

3D Model Fiber Fabric


ScotCad Textiles has entrusted development of a specific software module to the CAD Exchanger team. The software module allows generation of 3D models of the yarn data-sets with the help of native geometric data provided by the ScotWeave app. The latter includes cross-section profile (circle, ellipse, regular polygons, etc) and a set of Bezier curves forming each yarn path, etc. Resulting 3D models are represented with B-Spline surfaces.

CAD Exchanger SDK, integrated into ScotCad applications, now enables rapid export of generated yarn 3D models in IGES/STEP formats in a seamless manner.

3D Model Fiber Fabric


Entrusting development of software module to the CAD Exchanger team, the ScotCad Textiles team is able to focus on its core business and ScotWeave app development, which increases overall productivity.

Offering export to standard formats, ScotWeave application now enables its users with broader opportunities to analyze designed fabrics and to re-design them as needed.


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