A Toolset to Build Web Applications

Build web applications running either fully on premise, or in the cloud, or as a combination of the two.

CAD Exchanger Web Toolkit powers our own CAD Exchanger Cloud, so you can build any similar app. With our custom development services we can help you to customize and integrate components or develop a full solution for you.

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Key Features

Javascript library

Build interactive 3D web-applications deployable on premise or in your own cloud.
Binary and source code licenses are available.

Import / export

  • Read and write all key industry 3D formats
  • Efficient storage format to save 3D data
  • Requires CAD Exchanger CLI or SDK for import/export
  • B-Rep’s, meshes, PMI and more

Data access and analysis

  • Unified data model API
  • Product structure: assemblies and parts
  • B-Rep surfaces and curves, and polygonal meshes
  • Colors, materials and meta-data


  • three.js-based visualization
  • Shading and wireframe display modes
  • Materials and transparencies
  • Selection and hovering

Cloud API

Build your own cloud services and use CAD Exchanger Cloud to convert and display 3D models.
Reduce costs with pay-as-you-go licensing model.

Online file conversion

  • Read and write all key industry 3D formats
  • REST API to upload, convert and download files
  • Flexible user-defined settings

3D viewer

  • Youtube-like interactive 3D view inside html
  • Customizable layout and toolbars
  • Embedded 3D viewer for html pages to build galleries.


  • OAuth2-based authentication
  • Secure storage in Microsoft Azure
  • Developer account inside CAD Exchanger Cloud account
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Why Software Vendors Choose Web Toolkit


Confidently import 3D data created in multiple applications. CAD Exchanger applies automatic healing algorithms to process poor data from various sources and to export to downstream applications.


Rapidly process large heavy-weight 3D models. CAD Exchanger leverages modern multi-core technologies via patented parallel computation algorithms.

Ease of use

Built by developers for developers. Detailed User's Guide with multiple examples and logically structured API helps software developers to quickly integrate Web Toolkit into their applications with a few lines of code.

Cost effectiveness

Affordable royalty-free licensing for Javascript libraries. Pay-as-you-go model for Cloud API.

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