JavaScript libraries to visualize 3D models in a browser

Build highly interactive 3D web applications running either on-premise or in the cloud. Work in a 3D view, explore assemblies and PMI, measure, mark-up, and collaborate in real-time.

Technology for your 3D web app

Empowers our own CAD Exchanger Cloud

React and three.js integrations

Back-end independent

Ready-to-use tools

Assembly trees and interactive 3D views

Materials and textures

Measurements and PMI


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Formats list

Collaborate in the Multi-CAD World

Need to work with CAD files in numerous formats? No worries.

From JT to STL, from NX to OBJ, CAD Exchanger gets you covered.

Develop faster

Easy to integrate with CAD Exchanger SDK.

// Create scene and viewport
const aScene = new cadex.ModelPrs_Scene();
const aViewPort = new cadex.ModelPrs_ViewPort({ autoResize: true}, document.getElementById('model-viewer'));

// Load prepared model
const aModel = new cadex.ModelData_Model();
const aLoadResult = await aModel.loadFile('Radial_Engine.cdxfb', dataLoader, false);

// Display model on the scene
let aDisplayMode = cadex.ModelPrs_DisplayMode.Shaded;
let aRepMode = cadex.ModelData_RepresentationMask.ModelData_RM_Poly;
await cadex.ModelPrs_DisplayerApplier.apply(aLoadResult.roots, [], {
    displayer: new cadex.ModelPrs_SceneDisplayer(aScene),
    displayMode: aDisplayMode,
    repSelector: new cadex.ModelData_RepresentationMaskSelector(aRepMode)

Key Features


Efficient data format

Highly-compressed files for faster transfers

External references for quicker loading and lower memory footprint


Feature-rich visualization

three.js-based visualization

Shading and wireframe display modes

Materials and textures

Selection and hovering


Unified data access API

Format-neutral data model

Assemblies and parts

Polygonal meshes

Colors, materials and meta-data


Measurements and PMI

Coordinates and distances

Integrates with SDK API for more complex measurements

Graphical PMI in the browser

Flexible Licensing for Enterprise and Startups

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