CAD Exchanger Receives Two Patents On Parallel Computations

After several months of review, Rospatent (Russian state organization in charge of registration of intellectual property rights) has granted two patents submitted by CADEX employees.

Ramil Gasanov
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Since the very first release of CAD Exchanger we have been focused on providing excellent user experience. Perfect experience has three major components: needed functionality, convenient user interface, and leading performance. The performance is so crucial that you only see it when it’s not there. This is why every update of CAD Exchanger includes enhancements in that field. And we are proud to announce that recently we have been granted two patents that strengthen our competitive advantages in performance - RU2597480 and RU2600532.

Both of them are focused on innovative methods of applying parallel computations to conversion of B-Rep (boundary representation) models. Although these methods originated from data conversion they have broader application domains and can be used in tessellation, healing and other processing use cases.

Nowadays parallel computations (multi-threading or multi-processing) are the key way to dramatically achieve a new level of scalable performance on multi-core platforms. Although available about ten years on PC desktops and workstations multi-core is still challenging to be efficiently used in software applications. In CAD world with specific data models (including B-Rep) design of efficient scalable algorithms is especially challenging. That is why we have been working extra hard to find innovative approaches of adopting parallelism and filed patents on methods which proved to be efficient.

With the help of used algorithms CAD Exchanger can scale up to 4-8 threads and beyond, speed up heavy computational algorithms by 15x and accelerate I/O process by 2-4x. This helps both desktop and mobile devices, where speedup also enables longer battery use.

Our team has been accumulating and expanding expertise in multi-threaded software development and performance optimization. We partner with Intel Corporation (as discussed in a joint case study) and apply this experience in both internal development and customer projects.

Why does performance matter ?

Performance improvement is not only here to make your life easier, it has reasonable impact on the business of our users. CAD professionals can perform import, viewing and conversion operations several times faster and do not need to waste time waiting for the full-blown CAD system to launch. Given that time is money, CAD Exchanger help cut costs by saving significant amount of time, plus independence of expensive CAD licenses.

Ramil Gasanov

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