Darmstadt Graphics Group GmbH brings CAD to AR applications with CAD Exchanger SDK

CAD Exchanger imports and tesselates FBX, glTF, OBJ, PLY, and STL files, making them ready for further optimization by RapidCompact.

Maria Gazarkh
Maria Gazarkh
1 min read

VR/AR solutions become more and more common digital shopping technology. Considering a tradeoff between attractive rendering and modest file size of used 3D models, Darmstadt Graphics Group launched its flagship product - RapidCompact.

The cloud-based software automates the optimization of the 3D files for web, mobile, AR and XR platforms. To cover a larger market Darmstadt Graphics Group engaged in the search for a solution that could import and tessellate various CAD formats.

Felix Limper
Felix Limper
BizDev & Co-Founder, Darmstadt Graphics Group
“CAD Exchanger excellent API made it easy and efficient for RapidCompact to provide support for multiple CAD file formats within its automation pipeline.”

Read how CAD Exchanger enabled processing of FBX, glTF, OBJ, PLY, and STL formats in RapidCompact.

Maria Gazarkh
Content Manager

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