Glove Systems integrates CAD Exchanger SDK to deliver 3D model data to the fabrication floor

Glove Systems set its sights on CAD Exchanger SDK, handing over the whole .stp and .step files import with access to properties and mesh generation.

Maria Gazarkh
Maria Gazarkh
1 min read

The industrial infrastructure prefabrication sector is growing and saving costs by reducing on-site work and thus the need for additional production, assembly, and quality control tools and workforce. However, this practice demands greater accuracy to ensure compliance between assemblies from different manufacturers.

Glove Systems, a Canadian startup, developed cloud-based software to simplify quality control and ensure assemblies compatibility - Glove Fit. To detect any discrepancies it was necessary to visualize the original design.

Mahdi Sharif
Mahdi Sharif
CSO, Glove Systems
“By integrating CAD Exchanger, Glove Systems is enabling fabrication workers to access the 3D data. This in turn has significantly improved fabrication workers’ productivity by allowing them to better visualize parts and assemblies that they are building.”

Read how CAD Exchanger enabled 3D CAD import in Glove Fit.

Maria Gazarkh
Content Manager

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