HEAD acoustics uses CAD Exchanger to facilitate the assessment of auditory-visual CAD data

Learn how CAD Exchanger enabled compatibility with ArtemiS SUITE, quick and high-quality 3D model import, and CAD format interoperability.

Marina Kiseleva
Marina Kiseleva
1 min read

HEAD acoustics Inc. is a globally known company situated in Germany  specializing in the development of complex software solutions for the analysis, measurement, and enhancement of sound and voice quality.

HEAD acoustics' ArtemiS SUITE is a complete software suite designed to measure and analyze sound and vibration.

CAD Exchanger has improved the import and export of files in standard data formats inside the Head Acoustics software platform for sound and vibration analyses.

Read below how CAD Exchanger has addressed the issue of 3D CAD files import and exchange in ArtemiS SUITE.

Marina Kiseleva
Marina Kiseleva
Content Marketing Manager

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