[Video] Mahdi Sharif from Glove Systems about their collaboration with CAD Exchanger

Listen to Glove Systems experience at first hand and learn how CAD Exchanger enhanced as-built vs as-designed discrepancy detection.

Maria Gazarkh
Maria Gazarkh
1 min read

This year we started holding video interviews with our customers to let them share their experience with CAD Exchanger. The thing is, customers' stories in their own words could be way more eloquent than any thrid-party articles.

That's why following the publication about our collaboration with Glove Systems, we prepared a video testimonial with Mahdi Sharif, its CSO and Co-founder.

Read the full story here.

Mahdi Sharif
Mahdi Sharif
CSO and Co-founder, Glove Systems
“With integrating CAD Exchanger, Glove Systems is enabling fabrication workers to visualize parts and assemblies that they are building and get their 3D data.”
Maria Gazarkh
Content Manager

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