Rich opportunities for viewing and exploring CAD data

Feature-Rich Conversions

CAD Exchanger supports most broadly used formats and allows to efficiently exchange product assembly structures, B-Rep and polygonal representations, properties, materials, colors and other meta data.

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Legacy software solutions are not always able to deal with growing complexity of CAD data, what undermines engineers' productivity. We design patentable know-how in the field of parallel computations to leverage modern multi-core technologies. CAD Exchanger can scale up to 4-8 threads, speed up heavy computational algorithms by 15x and accelerate I/O process by 2-4x.



3D model of internal combustion engine



Bounding box allows to estimate the volume of engaged space

Robustness to Poor Data


In the multi-CAD multi-vendor world you have to deal with imperfect data and you want to be certain that you can work with any partner. CAD Exchanger uses algorithms to reliably handle poor data, to customize different geometrical and topological representations and to validate 3D models. With CAD Exchanger you can confidently import 3D data from multiple sources and export to downstream applications.



Ease of Use


We practice customer-centric approach and know that sophisticated interfaces disturb users and prevent from productive work. Our customers just like anybody else often experience a lack of time and we want to help them by shortening the learning curve and improving clarity. Simple intuitive UI design allows end-users to focus on visualization and conversion. Detailed technical documentation lets software developers quickly integrate SDK into their applications.



Sectioning allows to explore contents of 3D models



3D model of the TIE advanced x1 starfighter

Cost Effectiveness


We want to help small and medium businesses to reach efficient software technologies often affordable only to larger companies. CAD Exchanger uses simple and clear licensing model, which allows you to choose only what you need. We offer royalty-free usage and flexible subscription options. Our product is scalable and efficiently addresses needs of small-to-large businesses. No expensive CAD software is required to run CAD Exchanger.



Images made on 3D models from and