Work with 3D graphics in your favorite programming language

Build highly interactive 3D apps on top of OpenGL or DirectX, in C#/Windows Forms, Qt/QML, Java, or another platform of choice. Enable interactive selection and hovering, sectioning and assembly exploding.

3D views

Build interactive high-quality 3D scenes with ease.


Work with large assemblies by enabling incremental loading and multiple LOD’s.


Develop for Qt/QML, WPF, JavaFX, OpenGL or DirectX.

Key Features

Ready-to-use components

Ready-to-use components

  • Scene graph
  • B-Rep, meshes and graphical PMI
  • 3D manipulator
  • Thumbnail generation
Flexible settings

Flexible settings

  • Colors, materials, line thicknesses
  • Transparencies and textures
  • Antialiasing support
Highly interactive scenes

Highly interactive scenes

  • Shading and wireframe display modes
  • Selection and hovering
  • Multi-threading support
Stunning views

Stunning views

  • Multi-plane sectioning
  • Assembly exploded views
  • Hidden / Ghost views

Develop Faster

Easy to integrate with CAD Exchanger SDK.

Qt FrameworkMicrosoft WPFJavaFX

QApplication app (argc, argv);

// Setup QML types

... // setup Qt/Qml application with viewport

// Initialize scene and viewport
ModelPrs_Scene aScene;
auto aViewPort = myMainWindow->findChild<ModelPrsQtQuick_ViewPort*> ('viewport');
auto aRes = aViewPort->AttachToScene (aScene);

ModelData_Model aModel;

... // import from external file

// Convert model into visualisation entities
ModelPrs_SceneNodeFactoryParameters aFactoryParameters(cadex::ModelData_RM_BRep);
ModelPrs_SceneNodeFactory aFactory (aFactoryParameters);
auto aRootNode = aFactory.Create (aModel);

// Display all entities
aRootNode.SetDisplayMode (ModelPrs_DM_ShadedWithBoundaries);
aScene.AddRoot (aRootNode);

Flexible Licensing for Enterprise and Start-ups

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