CAD Exchanger SDK
Parasolid Converter


Para_Reader can read files compliant with the Parasolid file format (schema) from v0.15 and above (the latest tested version is Parasolid v31). Para_Writer can write files compliant with the Parasolid file format from v12 to v31.

Both text and binary files are supported.


  • B-Rep representations
  • colors
  • layers
  • meta-data (names, properties)
  • assembly structure


Import Mapping

Below tables shows how Parasolid entities are mapped into CAD Exchanger entities after import.

Product Structure

Parasolid Entity CAD Exchanger Entity
ASSEMBLY ModelData_Assembly
INSTANCE ModelData_Instance
BODY ModelData_Part
TRANSFORM ModelData_Transformation


Parasolid Entity CAD Exchanger Entity
BODY One of:
SHELL ModelData_Shell
FACE ModelData_Face
LOOP ModelData_Wire
HALFEDGE ModelData_Edge
VERTEX ModelData_Vertex


Parasolid Entity CAD Exchanger Entity
B_SURFACE ModelData_BSplineSurface
CONE ModelData_ConicalSurface
CYLINDER ModelData_CylindricalSurface
OFFSET_SURF ModelData_OffsetSurface
PLANE ModelData_Plane
SPHERE ModelData_SphericalSurface
SPUN_SURF ModelData_SurfaceOfRevolution
SWEPT_SURF ModelData_SurfaceOfLinearExtrusion
TORUS One of:
B_CURVE ModelData_BSplineCurve
BLENDED_EDGE ModelData_BSplineCurve
CIRCLE ModelData_Circle
ELLIPSE ModelData_Ellipse
LINE ModelData_Line
TRIMMED_CURVE ModelData_TrimmedCurve


Exporter Parameters

The Parasolid export parameters are controlled by Para_WriterParameters. The following table contains a list of parameters for Parasolid export:

Parameter Default value Description
TargetParasolidVersion() 12

Specifies a target Parasolid kernel version version.

Must be in the range [12, 31]. The parameter defines the actual schema to be used when writing a file.

Note that several target versions can result in selecting the same schema, e.g. if TargetParasolidVersion() is 20 to 24 then the schema 20000 will be chosen.

By default writes a file using the schema with id 12006 as recommended by the Parasolid-XT format specification. This ensures reading by most applications.

OriginatingSystem() "unknown" See Base_WriterParameters::OriginatingSystem().

Known Limitations

  • Extremely rare geometric types (parabola, hyperbola, paracurve, cpc, patch_bound, silhouette, offset_curve, pe_curve, blended_vertex, parasurf, pipe, parasurf, etc) are not supported by importer and will be ignored if met. Currently no examples of such types have been encountered so far;
  • Offset surfaces on G1-continuous B-Splines may sometimes fail when underlying surface cannot be corrected to C1.
  • Non-manifold topology (e.g. when an edge is shared by 3 or more wires or faces) cannot be exported. The exporter may drop some or all faces referring to such shared edges.