We build bespoke engineering software, and customize existing applications.

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  • Need brand-new software but do not have a software engineering team ?
  • Want to add 3D and greater user experience into your existing app but short on skills?
  • Use CAD Exchanger but need some extra functionality?

We can help. From short-term projects to multi-year contracts we can help you build your software.

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This expertise strengthens our own products. Mixed with our customers’ know-how it strengthens theirs.

From 3D geometrical modeling, mesh generations to highly-interactive visualization. We support 20+ CAD formats and worked with various modeling kernels, so we know 3D.

We built multiple algorithms - from volume computations to machining feature recognition – to build custom apps for instant manufacturing quotations. Machining, laser cutting, sheet metal, additive manufacturing and other manufacturing processes.

Our products run on any devices, from smartphones to cloud, as installed copies and SaaS. Deployable on-premise or in public clouds, in Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. We can make your software support all those too.

We love performance and parallelism. We hold two patents in parallel computations and use them in our products. We help our customers to scale their apps to work with larger 3D models and faster on those fancy multi-core CPU’s.

Too many modern apps are too complex. We strive for simplicity and clarity in UI’s. If you like CAD Exchanger GUI and Cloud we can probably help you.

  • SCRUM process, with regular customer communication and interim deliveries.
  • Maintain the solution yourself, or let us do it under SLA.
  • Fixed-price or time-and-material basis.

We don’t promise what we cannot deliver. We discuss requirements and make transparent detailed cost estimates and SOW’s (Statement of Work).

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What our customers say?

Lightweight CAD application

CAD Exchanger team showed creativity and was quite ready to dig into the challenges including 3rd party code development in order to resolve upcoming problems.

Dr. Gero Kreuzfeld,

Lightweight CAD application

We had an excellent experience working with the CAD Exchanger and found them to be professional, responsive and have a solid understanding of the domain.

Karen McRitchie,
VP Product Development

Lightweight CAD application

CAD Exchanger allows rapid output of data in standard data formats in a seamless manner, what significantly increases interoperability of ScotWeave applications.

Dave Kemp,
Managing Director