Import CAD files into Unity to build AR/VR applications with your favorite engine

Use CAD Exchanger technologies to bring CAD to the Unity scene. Build high quality rendering and AR/VR apps with full immersive experience. Target HTC Vive or Microsoft Hololens, and build photorealistic renderings.

All CAD data in Unity

B-Reps and meshes

Assembly structure

Materials and textures


Edit and Play modes

Unity GameObjects


User-controlled triangulation

Mesh decimation (extra component)

Flexible Licensing

Per-format and bundles

For Enterprise and startups

Formats list

Collaborate in the Multi-CAD World

Need to work with CAD files in numerous formats? No worries.

From JT to STL, from NX to OBJ, CAD Exchanger gets you covered.

Develop Faster

Easy to integrate with CAD Exchanger SDK.

using cadex;
using UnityEngine;


var aModel = new ModelData_Model(); // format-neutral document

var aReader = new STEP_Reader();
aReader.ReadFile (new Base_UTF16String("bolt.stp"));
aReader.Transfer (aModel);

//convert MDM to GameObject
var aFactory = new Unity_ObjectFactory();
GameObject aTarget = aFactory.Create (aModel, "bolt.stp");

Key Features

Supported formats

All key 3D formats

Read STEP, Solidworks, JT, STL and 30+ other formats.
Integration with Unity

Integration with Unity

Use direct C# API to convert to Unity’s GameObjects. Full run-time support.
Textures, materials and transparencies

Textures, materials and transparencies

Retrieve all graphical data from the CAD file to create great visual appearances.
Mesh decimation

Mesh decimation

Reduce polygon counts up to 100x to improve loading times and UI responsiveness while preserving visual look.
Multi-LOD support

Multi-LOD support

Use visualization mesher to generate multiple polygonal representations with different Levels of Details.

Flexible Licensing for Enterprise and Start-ups

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