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How to convert files from SpaceClaim
to SAT?

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Convert SpaceClaim to SAT with CAD Exchanger products

CAD Exchanger Lab

CAD Exchanger Lab

Desktop application to view, explore and convert 3D CAD data across 30+ file formats.


Convert SpaceClaim to SAT with ease and flexibility:

  • hide certain details and groups before conversion
  • add XYZ section planes
  • explode assemblies
  • choose between view, projection, and selection modes
  • add measurements
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CAD Exchanger SDK

CAD Exchanger SDK

Software libraries for C#, C++, Java, Javascript and Python.


Include a wide range of conversion options in your apps:

  • rapidly build production-ready applications with clear and structured API
  • import, export, visualize and analyze 3D CAD files, including SAT
  • complete more tasks with powerful add‑ons
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Learn how to convert SpaceClaim to SAT with CAD Exchanger

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SpaceClaim is a solid modeling CAD application that runs on Microsoft Windows. It is developed by SpaceClaim Corporation, but now owned by ANSYS.

SpaceClaim’s 3D direct modeling technology is expressed by the following tools: pull, move, fill, and combine.

Pull contains most creation features which can be found in traditional CAD systems. For instance, using the Pull tool on a face by default offsets the face, but using the Pull tool on an edge rounds it.

Move relocates components and geometry, and can also be used to create patterns (often called arrays).

Fill primarily removes geometry from a part by extending geometry to fill in the surrounding area. It is commonly used for deleting rounds and holes from a model.

Combine merges parts and subtracts parts from each other.


A SAT file is a 3D model used in ACIS CAD modeling software by Spatial Corporation.

The format's name stands for Standard ACIS Text, since the content of a SAT file is stored as ASCII text. In ACIS, the same data can also be saved in binary form with SAB extension.

SAT files are used to communicate 3D data across different 3D CAD tools, such as Spatial 3D ACIS Modeler, Autodesk AutoCAD 2017, IMSI TurboCAD Pro 2016, Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS, etc.

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Convert SpaceClaim
to SAT

Need to work with CAD files in numerous formats? No worries.

From SpaceClaim to SAT, CAD Exchanger gets you covered.

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