Command Line Interface

Light-weight server-based solution for batch conversions of CAD data in corporate or cloud environments.

Trusted by industry leaders


Simple command line, no programming required. Get access to 25+ CAD formats in minutes, not hours.

Data Privacy

CAD Exchanger CLI runs in your environment enabling full data control on your side.


Deployable on in-house servers, data centers and in public clouds.
Formats list

Collaborate in the Multi-CAD World

Need to work with CAD files in numerous formats? No worries.

From JT to STL, from NX to OBJ, CAD Exchanger gets you covered.


Extract and launch. Jump-start your development without spending countless hours learning.

Simple syntax and clear documentation ensure quick start.

:: convert STEP file to STL
ExchangerConv.exe -i C:\input\model.step -e C:\output\model.stl

:: combine multiple STEP files into one
ExchangerConv.exe -i C:\input\part1.step -i C:\input\part2.step -e C:\output\assembly.step

:: generate PNG screenshot for SolidWorks model
ExchangerConv.exe -i C:\input\assembly.sldasm -e C:\output\screenshot.png -s settings.ini

Key Features

Read and write 3D formats

Assemblies and parts

Precise geometry (B-Rep) and meshes

Meta-data: names, ID's and user-defined properties

Colors, materials and textures

Thumbnail generation

User-defined resolutions: from thumbnails to Full HD

Various display modes (shading vs wireframe)

User-defined camera position (axonometric, top, front, left, etc)

PNG, BMP, or JPEG output

Flexible settings

Conversion parameters, mesh granularity, measurement units and more

Detailed .ini-format setting file

Shareable between multiple users for consistent results


For SaaS Developers

Set up easy-to-use conversions in the cloud.

Run on Linux or Windows VM's

Accept CAD files in multiple formats

Convert fast and easily


For Enterprise

Automate massive conversions on premise.

Deploy in-house for full data control

Unlimited usage

Leverage our patented parallel computations on your powerful servers

Building more sophisticated solutions?

Build an interactive 3D web app?
Use CAD Exchanger SDK and Web Toolkit.

Javascript API to explore assemblies, parts, geometries and meta-data

Shading and wireframe display modes

Dynamic selection

Measurements and PMI

Integration with three.js

Flexible Licensing

Simple subscription.
Prices are per year, per server.

Neutral and Kernel formats (STEP, JT, Parasolid, ...)

Each format individually


Native formats (SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, ...)

Each format individually


All formats combined


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