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Exporting Navisworks from Unity is not supported yet :(

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Unity is a game engine made by Unity Technologies. It supports more than 25 different platforms. This engine is used mostly to design three-dimensional, two-dimensional, virtual reality, and augmented reality games. It has been adopted not only by video gaming industry, but also by film, automotive, architecture, engineering and construction.

Unity enables users to develop games and experiences both in 2D and 3D, and offers a primary scripting API in C#, as well as drag and drop functionality. Within 2D games, Unity provides importation of sprites and a 2D world renderer. For 3D games, it allows specification of texture compression, mipmaps, and resolution settings for each platform it supports. Also, it provides support for bump mapping, reflection mapping, parallax mapping, screen space ambient occlusion, dynamic shadowing, render-to-texture and full-screen post-processing effects.


Navisworks is a native file of Navisworks® project review software by Autodesk.

Navisworks files come in three formats: NWD, NWF, and NWC. An NWD is a single file that contains all model geometry, environment, viewpoints, and review markups. An NWF file is a list of links to the original files. It doesn't keep model geometry and, to be opened, requires access to the original CAD files. An NWC is a cache file created from any native CAD or laser scan files, when opened in Navisworks.