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How to View and Convert CATIA V6 (3D XML) files?

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CAD Exchanger: 3D CAD software to view and convert CAD files

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CAD Exchanger: 3D CAD software to view and convert CAD files

What is CATIA V6 (3D XML) format?

3DXML is an open-standard proprietary 3D file format developed and supported by Dassault Systemes. 3DXML files are typically created as exports from Dassault Systemes' 3DEXPERIENCE application. The 3DXML file is a zip archive file consisting of a BOM file and one or more 3D representations stored in either XML or binary format. Compact file size allows users to transfer 3D XML quickly and embed it into websites, emails, and various MS Office documents. Therefore, the format is commonly used to integrate 3D data into technical and marketing documentation.

CATIA V6 (3D XML) format is supported by:

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Convert CATIA V6 (3D XML)

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