Software Libraries to Read and Write 3D files

CAD Exchanger SDK is a set of C++ / C# / Java libraries to develop fast and robust 3D applications.

Read and write IGES, STEP, JT, ACIS, Parasolid, IFC, FBX, Solidworks and other key formats.

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Use Cases

  • Variety of 3D formats
  • B-Rep and meshes support
  • Solid and surface modeling
  • Visualization component for interactive behavior
  • Efficient large models support
  • General and specific 3D formats (FBX, OBJ, VRML, X3D, Collada, 3DS, etc)
  • Materials and textures
  • Efficient large models support
  • Multiple LODs (Levels of Details) support
  • Fine-tuned mesh generation
  • Variety of 3D formats
  • Working with B-Rep and meshes
  • Measurements: distances, bounding boxes, volumes, surface areas
  • PMI (Product and Manufacturing Information)
  • General and specific 3D formats (STL, OBJ, etc)
  • Water-tight meshes
  • Measurements: distances, bounding boxes, volumes, surface areas
  • Variety of supported formats
  • 3D model analysis and feature recognition
  • Measurements: distances, bounding boxes, volumes, surface areas
  • PMI (Product and Manufacturing Information)

Featured applications built with CAD Exchanger SDK

Altium Designer

Altium Designer is an Electronic Design Automation software package for printed circuit board.
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Estimates manufacturing costs directly from CAD models.
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Key Features

Easily convert 3D CAD files on any platform

Import / export 3D CAD

  • Read and write all key industry 3D formats
  • Assemblies and parts
  • Precise geometry (B-Rep) and meshes
  • Meta-data: names, id’s and user-defined properties
  • Colors, materials and textures

Truly cross-platform

  • Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android
  • C++ / C# / Java libraries
  • 64-bit and 32-bit architectures
  • Desktop and Mobile

Examples and tutorials

  • Dozens of examples covering all key features
  • Well-structured and easy-to-read User's Guide
  • Save time to jump start your development

Create and visualize B-Rep and meshes


  • High-performance visualization
  • Shading and wireframe display modes
  • Materials and transparencies
  • Selection and hover
  • Cross-platform: Qt/Quick, C#/WPF and more

Solid and shell modeling

  • Solid, sheet and wireframe B-Rep bodies
  • Analytical and NURBS curves and surfaces
  • Solid body primitives
  • Extrusions and rotations
  • Bottom-up creation (from vertex to solid)


  • Faster parallel tessellations
  • Higher quality mesh generators for FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
  • Water-tight meshes for visualization, 3D printing and other use cases
  • Fine-tuned and automatic parameters
  • Multiple LOD (Level of Details) support

Explore and analyze data

Data exploration and analysis

  • Unified data model API
  • Product structure: assemblies, parts, and instances with transformations
  • B-Rep and polygonal part representations
  • Geometrical curve and surface parameters (radii, axis placements, coordinates)
  • Mesh nodes and normals
  • Colors, materials and meta-data


  • GD&T (Geometric Dimensions and Tolerances), annotations, surface finishes and more
  • Graphical and semantic PMI
  • Associations with B-Rep faces and edges
  • Unified API for convenient data access to format-specific data (JT, STEP AP242, etc)


  • Bounding boxes
  • Lengths, surface areas and volumes
  • Distances and angles
  • Centers of masses

Simple C++ syntax

Refer to User's Guide for more details.

Success Stories

"The CAD Exchanger SDK API was quite easy to use, and I appreciate your team’s quick response time and detailed explanations for solving our problems. Great work all around, keep it up."

Volodymyr Volotko,
Product develoment manager

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"CAD Exchanger/ACIS translator works great and we advise our users to use it over other formats, including STEP and IGES."

Ashraf Sultan,

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"Robust STEP and IGES import and export is very important part of functionality, and CAD Exchanger fulfills this requirement fully."

Gordan Šikić,
Head of development

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Why Software Vendors Choose CAD Exchanger SDK


Confidently import 3D data created in multiple applications. CAD Exchanger applies automatic healing algorithms to process poor data from various sources and to export to downstream applications.


Rapidly process large heavy-weight 3D models. CAD Exchanger leverages modern multi-core technologies via patented parallel computation algorithms.

Ease of use

Built by developers for developers. Detailed User's Guide with multiple examples and logically structured API helps software developers to quickly integrate SDK into their applications with a few lines of code.

Cost effectiveness

Cut costs on expensive licenses. CAD Exchanger SDK is the only commercial cross-platform SDK, which is royalty-free. Fully transparent licensing model works for large and small businesses.

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