CAD Exchanger Cloud API

Online API to read and write 3D CAD data

REST API to convert files in all CAD formats. Secure storage in Microsoft Azure. No infrastructure to manage. Enjoy the pay-as-go licensing model.

Key Features

Online file conversion

Read and write all key industry 3D formats

REST API to upload, convert and download files

Flexible user-defined settings


OAuth2-based authentication

Secure storage in Microsoft Azure

Developer account

SaaS model

No infrastructure management headaches

Pay-as-you-go licensing

Seamlessly integrates with C#, Java, Python, Javascript

Formats list

Collaborate in the Multi-CAD World

Need to work with CAD files in numerous formats? No worries.

From JT to STL, from NX to OBJ, CAD Exchanger gets you covered.


Developer account shared with CAD Exchanger Cloud’s. Detailed tutorials and examples to demonstrate various use cases.

# Obtain access token
curl -i -H "Authorization: Basic ZXhhbXBsZTpleGFtcGxl" \
        -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
        -d '{"grant_type":"client_credentials","scope":"data:write data:convert"}' \

# Start JT model conversion
curl -i -H "Authorization: Bearer <access_token>" \
        -F "format=jt" \
        -F "parameters={"jt":{"export":{"split":"perassembly","units":"in"}}}" \
        -F "data=@model.step" \

# Check conversion status
curl -i -H "Authorization: Bearer <access_token>" \

# Download conversion result
curl -i -H "Authorization: Bearer <access_token>" \

Combine with CAD Exchanger Web Toolkit

Build an interactive 3D web app?
Use CAD Exchanger Web Toolkit.

Javascript API to explore assemblies, parts, geometries and meta-data

Shading and wireframe display modes

Dynamic selection

Measurements and PMI

Integration with three.js

Flexible pay-as-you-go licensing

Per user, per month


Fine-tuned access permissions
Conversions included, per month1
Max file size2
Storage, included
Embedded HTML 3D viewer3
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(1)Conversions performed via user dashboard and API are included.
(2)Files of sizes exceeding 250MB may require more powerful virtual machines. Please contact us if you expect to regularly work with large files.
(3)YouTube-like 3D widget embeddable into HTML pages for interactive 3D views.

Frequently Asked Questions

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