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CAD Exchanger Products

Convert PRT with complete data retention

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Convert PRT with CAD Exchanger products

CAD Exchanger Lab

CAD Exchanger Lab

Desktop application to view, explore and convert 3D CAD data across 30+ file formats.


Convert PRT with ease and flexibility:

  • hide certain details and groups before conversion
  • add XYZ section planes
  • explode assemblies
  • choose between view, projection, and selection modes
  • add measurements
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CAD Exchanger SDK

CAD Exchanger SDK

Software libraries for C#, C++, Java, Javascript and Python.


Include a wide range of conversion options in your apps:

  • rapidly build production-ready applications with clear and structured API
  • import, export, visualize and analyze 3D CAD files, including PRT
  • complete more tasks with powerful add‑ons
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About PRT conversion

CAD Exchanger offers advanced PRT file conversion options for CAD industry professionals.

For end-users

CAD Exchanger Lab includes PRT converter which allows you to convert PRT files across 30+ most demanded CAD formats. You can easily import PRT from your source CAD file and export PRT to required format with couple of clicks.

Before conversion, you can apply numerous opearations like highlight certain parts and assemblies, create section planes, exploded views, apply mesh and wireframe representations, etc.

For developers

CAD Exchanger SDK give you a comprehensive API to work with 3D CAD data, so you can flexibly integrate PRT import and export features in your own engineering applications or SaaS.

For corporate or cloud environments

CAD Exchanger Batch will help you to batch convert PRT files, or batch thumbnail generation. With simple syntax and clear documentation it is easy to automate massive conversions on premise.

Software to import and export PRT files

Formats list

Convert PRT
files across 30+ other 3D formats.

Need to work with CAD files in numerous formats? No worries.

Convert PRT files across 30+ other 3D formats.

Learn how to open PRT in CAD Exchanger

PRT conversions (import / export)
supported by CAD Exchanger

Import (Read) Siemens NX files

Convert Siemens NX (.prt) to 3D PDF (.pdf)Convert Siemens NX (.prt) to ACIS (.sat, .sab)Convert Siemens NX (.prt) to Open CASCADE (.brep)Convert Siemens NX (.prt) to Collada (.dae)Convert Siemens NX (.prt) to DXF (.dxf)Convert Siemens NX (.prt) to FBX (.fbx)Convert Siemens NX (.prt) to glTF (.gltf, .glb)Convert Siemens NX (.prt) to IFC (.ifc)Convert Siemens NX (.prt) to IGES (.igs, .iges)Convert Siemens NX (.prt) to JT (.jt)Convert Siemens NX (.prt) to OBJ (.obj)Convert Siemens NX (.prt) to Parasolid (.x_t, .x_b)Convert Siemens NX (.prt) to Rhino (.3dm)Convert Siemens NX (.prt) to STEP (.stp, .step)Convert Siemens NX (.prt) to STL (.stl)Convert Siemens NX (.prt) to U3D (.u3d)Convert Siemens NX (.prt) to USD (.usd, .usda, .usdc, .usdz)Convert Siemens NX (.prt) to VRML (.wrl)Convert Siemens NX (.prt) to X3D (.x3d)

Import (Read) PTC Creo files

Convert PTC Creo (.prt, .asm) to 3D PDF (.pdf)Convert PTC Creo (.prt, .asm) to ACIS (.sat, .sab)Convert PTC Creo (.prt, .asm) to Open CASCADE (.brep)Convert PTC Creo (.prt, .asm) to Collada (.dae)Convert PTC Creo (.prt, .asm) to DXF (.dxf)Convert PTC Creo (.prt, .asm) to FBX (.fbx)Convert PTC Creo (.prt, .asm) to glTF (.gltf, .glb)Convert PTC Creo (.prt, .asm) to IFC (.ifc)Convert PTC Creo (.prt, .asm) to IGES (.igs, .iges)Convert PTC Creo (.prt, .asm) to JT (.jt)Convert PTC Creo (.prt, .asm) to OBJ (.obj)Convert PTC Creo (.prt, .asm) to Parasolid (.x_t, .x_b)Convert PTC Creo (.prt, .asm) to Rhino (.3dm)Convert PTC Creo (.prt, .asm) to STEP (.stp, .step)Convert PTC Creo (.prt, .asm) to STL (.stl)Convert PTC Creo (.prt, .asm) to U3D (.u3d)Convert PTC Creo (.prt, .asm) to USD (.usd, .usda, .usdc, .usdz)Convert PTC Creo (.prt, .asm) to VRML (.wrl)Convert PTC Creo (.prt, .asm) to X3D (.x3d)

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