‘The CAD Exchanger SDK API was quite easy to use, and I appreciate your team’s quick response time and detailed explanations for solving our problems. Great work all around, keep it up.’

Volodymyr Volotko, Product develoment manager
Altium LLC


'Robust STEP and IGES import and export is very important part of functionality, and CAD Exchanger fulfills this requirement fully'

Gordan Šikić,Head of development
Uljanik Shipbuilding Computer Systems


'I recently found CAD Exchanger after searching for 18 years for a software to convert my .iges NURBS models to .stp and .stl'

Alan Zerobnick Founder,


'CAD Exchanger allows rapid output of data in standard data formats in a seamless manner, what significantly increases interoperability of ScotWeave applications.'

Dave Kemp, Managing Director
ScotCad Textiles Ltd

scot weave

'CAD Exchanger team showed creativity and was quite ready to dig into the challenges including 3rd party code development in order to resolve upcoming problems.'

Dr. Gero Kreuzfeld,
CFturbo® Software & Engineering GmbH


'Thank you very much for making CAD Exchanger, it has been extremely useful for sharing CAD files with colleagues and various subcontractors so far. Since we don't have our own CAD department, CADExchanger has been a fantastic tool that lets as quickly share and verify designs internally, as well as efficiently interface with our external partners.'

Miloš Komarčević, R&D Engineer


'CAD Exchanger is a very intuitive application to use, and converting a file into another format is very easy. You can also use the program as a viewer to see how the models look like.'

Erik Sars, Founder
4 Logic


'CAD Exchanger SDK is now becoming an integral part of our software and of our strategy for the future as we work in a company environment where multiple modeling technologies are heavily used. All in all we are very pleased with buying the CAD Exchanger SDK.'

Hans Knoll, Team Leader Lexocad Project


'CAD Exchanger exactly meets our expectations. A list of supported input formats is wide thus there is the possibility to use various CAD applications as a source for visualization development.'

Ondřej Severa, Visualization Developer
REX Controls

REX Contols

'The best moment is that CAD Exchanger works in the background for importing geometries and converting to meshes. Simply: it works!'

Dr. Joachim Friedhoff, General Manager


'With the help of CAD Exchanger we are now able to get STEP data from a lot of CAD systems. The CAD Exchanger import and export always work perfectly.'

Guenter Boehning, Managing Director,
Vectorcam GmbH


‘We found CAD Exchanger easy to set up, and with just a few steps we were able to import a variety of new formats’

Christopher Maiwald, CTO


'CAD Exchanger/ACIS translator works great and we advise our users to use it over other formats, including STEP and IGES.'

Ashraf Sultan, CEO
Simlab Soft


'GCAS chooses CAD Exchanger to streamline the importing of STEP geometry and creating the Computational Mesh.'

Scott Woodson, ACES Developer
GCAS Incorporated


'With the CAD Exchanger SDK we were able to efficiently implement IGES to STL conversion. This was exactly the solution we needed and it works extremely well with virtually all the IGES files we tested.'

Michal Orych, Project Manager,
FLOWTECH International AB


"I always use CAD Exchanger to check/validate my exported models. Very practical tool!"


Dr. Martin Siggel
German Aerospace Center

"the GUI version translates my files just great. I'm looking forward for the next release then."


Michael Steitz

"I have downloaded your version of Cad Exchanger. It imported my step files perfectly. … Thank you for your time and for creating an excellent product."


Joshua Heckman

"Good project! Very good interface and useful."


Forum user zgesi

"I found CAD Exchanger on the internet..... works really very fine. I tried to convert some data from step format and it looks fine."



"I received an ACIS file which was created in a version newer than I had in my programs. Nothing could open it. After searching the web I came across Cad Exchanger. It successfully read and exported the file in a format that my programs could read. Thanks for a great product."


Forum user cadman

"I tried using CAD Exchanger beta today, and it imports an iges perfectly - at least it looks great in your UI."


A. Roberts

"We already tested IGES to SAT conversion and also SAT import which both work fine."


Gerhard Petrowitsch

"I'm user of your program, and I'm very happy with it. It's a great job. Thank you very much for the ACIS exporter, it works really good. I haven't had any issue with the program. I have imported model in STEP geometry and exported in STL and now SAT. SAT is working really good ... I think that you did a great job and the program works really good."


Rafa Gutierrez

"Wow...great work. Congratulations."


Joachim Zettler,

"I just downloaded your program and used it to successfully convert a STEP file generated by Altium Designer so that it could be read by IronCad. I spent at least an hour trying to sort this out before I found Cad Exchanger. Worked like a charm first time. THANK YOU!"


Tom Felton, Dept of Physics & Astronomy,
The University of British Columbia

"I've been using CAD Exchanger for a while now, mainly for visualization purposes, and I really appreciate it."


Thomas Laguzzi

"I am very impressed with the software and use it extensively for reading and converting iges & stp files."


Harold Salt,
Peak Associates

"I am impressed and pleased with your willingness respond to my queries, and also with your problem-solving capability. I will certainly recommend CAD Exchanger to future colleagues and customers, and I look forward to trouble-free conversion of CAD files."


Bob Haigh I.Eng. M.I.E.D., Stress Analyst,
Jarvisward Ltd.

"Great product you have , super!! The STEP to STL and IGES output is perfect!"


Pieter van Hoof,

"You have a very useful tool. Thank you so much for making it available."


Dana Seniff, Technical Manager,
Gerber Technology

"I would like to thank to all developers of CAD Exchanger. This program is useful utility and great help for me during STEP to X3D, VRML conversion."


Ondrej Severa, 
University of West Bohemia

"To test, I imported a simple small Autocad 2005 model .sat file and exported .stp and .x_t. I then exported the .stp and .x_t model back to .sat and read in Autocad. I am then able to edit the solid in Autocad 2005 with no trouble. Great program!"


Steve Melton, forum user

"I was in a bind and you solved many problems. I will recommend your application to any one who has problems with the file formats you support. Your software had the ability to even solve problems with versions of sat files the most common problem due to companies not able to upgrade software due to cost."


Jack Morrow

"CADExchanger is the exact tool I need for my project. I tested it and the solution curvature-based computational mesher was impressive."


a forum user

"I just discovered this great tool and I am a fan. I use it a lot to read the file."


a forum user

"I downloaded CadExchanger yesterday and am beginning to use it to export x3d files... Overall, I love it!"


Rebecca Robrecht,
Cibola Creative

"Great Job!"


Raghu Raja,
ABB India Limited

"I use CAD Exchanger to convert 3D data to VRML and there’s no better programme on the market, as far as I can see."


Martin Gosling,
private user

"I did like the software and it seemed to work great."


Michael Bradford, Engineer,
Michigan Rod Products

"Until now I never had any problems with the CAD Exchanger. It works very well, and it is great that repeatedly come out new updates."

Remo Meier,
CCS Schweiz AG